Chinese Water Dragons


Chinese Water Dragons are incredible lizards that are beautiful and can be quite gentle. Because of their beauty and gentle nature, they have become very popular pets. Like most lizards, they have very specific living conditions and have complex diets. In order to take care of your Chinese Water Dragon properly, you must adhere to its diet and feed it the necessary insects, fish, and mammals for it to be healthy. Simply feeding it one type of food will not give it the nutrients it needs to be in its best condition.

To know what you must feed your Chinese Water Dragon, you must understand how it eats in the wild. Their diet is made up of insects and some vegetation, while also having a small fish or mammal on occasion. In the wild, they will eat some of the local vegetation, but mainly hunt for insects. In order to get the calcium and protein they require, they will eat a small mammal or fish around once a week. Though it can be called an omnivore, many people classify it as an insectivore. By knowing how it feeds in the wild, it can give you a better idea on what to give your Chinese Water Dragon.

When it comes to feeding your Chinese Water Dragon, it is best to mimic how it would eat in the wild. Of course there are going to be a few small things you must change, but generally it should be the same. When the Chinese Water Dragon is an infant, you must feed it every single day. Once it becomes mature, usually after it is one year old, it is best to feed it every 2-3 days. Give it modest amounts of fruits and vegetables that are shredded. Some good things to start out with are strawberries, figs, leafy greens, blue berries. You may find that your water dragon does not enjoy fruit and if this happens, simply give him all vegetables.

As for insects, include grasshoppers, crickets, earthworms, and meal worms. You do not have to feed it every type of insect, but it is good to include two different versions. If you choose to use meal worms as food, be careful as these worms can bite back. Many people crush the head of the worm in order to ensure their water dragon’s safety. Once per week you should give your Chinese water dragon some sort of small mammal. Baby mice, chicks, and small fish can be good options for your water dragon. It is recommended that you use pre-killed animals. Be sure to gut load feeder insects prior to feeding.

Chinese Water Dragons, like many lizards, have very specific diets that you must follow in order to keep them healthy and well. Taking care of an animal like this is no easy matter, but it can be very rewarding. Follow this diet plan well and your Chinese Water Dragon will be healthy. Chinese Water Dragons are beautiful creatures that have captured the heart of thousands of pet owners and you can experience the love they feel for this animal too.